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Im in love with all things beauty. Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with Seventeen, YM,Allure, Cosmo, Essence, fanatasizing when I would be old enough to do what the models did. And boy watch out when it was time! My government name is Shawna, but I go by my middle name of Nicole. Dont get me wrong, I like my first name, but folks in the south do not know how to pronounce my name correctly lol. Im originally from the illadelph. Yes Philly! Born and raised, moved down here to Tampa in my senior year high school. Im a military brat lol. I have a beautiful son whom I adore. All the hard work that I put into my career and into my future is for him and him alone. Hes my heart and my bookie butt!! So on here Ill be posting a all thing pertaining beauty if you havent already figured. Reviews, my opinions, few fashion, my progress in creating my own cosmetic lines, hauls ect. Lets have fun!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

To Prime or not to Prime? Then is to base?

As many of you may already know Im having a time with primers. So join me on my road to finding that perfect primer.

Eyes: So Ive tried Urban decay primer potion, and Too faced Shadow Insurance both of which are good primers, holds the shadow in place but for me they dried my lids out. The inner corner of my eyes get wrinkly and dry and very irritating. How irritating? I had to wait a week before I could wear eyeshadow, not to mention putting more than usual eye cream on my eyes so now i got oily eyes, not to mention cant wear my contacts cuz my eyes are irritated. Then I started using the eye pencils like NYX jumbo pencils, now these are iffy because some of the more matte colors work for me like yellow, milk, and hot pink, but the more "creamier shimmery" ones like horseradish creased like a bitch. Creamy primer bases like elf cream eysehadow were next and their ok but still creases. I finally got my hands on some paint pots from MAC and I swear I cant believe I didnt go with these first. Groundwork is my go to paint pot and I must say Im happy for now.

Face: I've been using Makeup Forever HD Primer and I must say its the best I've used thus far. I've used the Revlon Primer which was pretty good in the beginning but then started breaking me out. I then went to the Avon primer (which for the life of me I cant remember) which was pretty good but eventually the smell started to bother me. Yea the smell, u ever smell something that u wasnt sure if you liked the smell but kept using the product but just couldnt get passed the smell? Yea thats the case here, so when I was all out, I just never ordered more. I never used the Monistat chafing cream, never jumped on that bandwagon but I hear its the best inexpensive kind.

Lips: The only primer I use for my lips is Vaseline. Long time family secret LOL.


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