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Im in love with all things beauty. Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with Seventeen, YM,Allure, Cosmo, Essence, fanatasizing when I would be old enough to do what the models did. And boy watch out when it was time! My government name is Shawna, but I go by my middle name of Nicole. Dont get me wrong, I like my first name, but folks in the south do not know how to pronounce my name correctly lol. Im originally from the illadelph. Yes Philly! Born and raised, moved down here to Tampa in my senior year high school. Im a military brat lol. I have a beautiful son whom I adore. All the hard work that I put into my career and into my future is for him and him alone. Hes my heart and my bookie butt!! So on here Ill be posting a all thing pertaining beauty if you havent already figured. Reviews, my opinions, few fashion, my progress in creating my own cosmetic lines, hauls ect. Lets have fun!

Friday, May 28, 2010

My characteristics?

So i came across my characteristics for my sign and must admit that its on point lol.. check it out:

OVERVIEW: Highly dramatc (yes lawwwd!),like to be center of attention (who lil ole me?), poised (yes dawlinggg), confident (got this ish on lock), loyal and sincere (aww wooo woo woo), good organizer (i dunno cuz if u see my desk, vanity table, and car youd think otherwise) proud (id say prideful), dignified, enthusiastic, and ambitious. Likes luxury and pleasure (who doesnt??), colorful (i guess i have a orange shirt on 2day), self assured, outgoing, impulsive (yea i act then think), expansive (u talkn bout my weight??), authoritave (thats y i goin into biz for myself my boss and I keep bumpn heads), affectionate' expect praise and gives praise (cuz im the queen)

NEGATVE: Jealous (i dare u) arrogant, vain, self centered, and a show off, demand attention. flashy, domineering, and snobbish' feeling of superiority of others (im offended lol)

well me n a nutshell neva can say i never shared lol


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